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Faculty of Chemistry - The ministerial level projects
No Coordinator Project’s Title
1 MA. TrầnNgọcTuyền B2006-DHH01-04. Synthesis of cordierite ceramics from kaolin in A Luoi, ThuaThien Hue province
2 MA. NguyễnVănTrung  B2006-DHH01-05. A study on kinetics of peroxydaza over Cu(II) complex catalyst and its application
3 MA. NguyễnHảiPhong B2007-DHH01-26. Study on the development of stripping voltammetry method for analyzing trace cadmium and lead in some environmental samples
4 Dr. LêThanhSơn B2007-DHH01-42. A study on synthesis of mesoporousmolecualar sieve Fe-SBA-15 and their application
5 MA. HoàngThái Long B2008-DHH-01-48. Development of a stripping voltammetry method for the determination of arsenic in natural waters
6 MA. PhanVănCư B2008-DHH-01-66. Study on the extraction of essential oil by microwave method and the isolation flavonoid of HouttuyniacordataThunb. in ThuaThien Hue province
7 Prof.Dr. TrầnThịVănThi B2008-DHH08-TĐ .A study on the separation of Fucoidan meeting commercial standards from some brown algaes in T-T Hue province
8 Dr. ĐinhQuangKhiếu DHH 2009-01-71.A study on the modification of natural and synthesized mesoporous materials and their activity
9 MA. Mai XuânTịnh B2010-DHH-01-68. Study on synthesis, characterization of promoted ZrO2 catalyst prepared from ThuaThien Hue zircon and applied to n-alkane conversion
10 MA. NguyễnThịHuệ B2010-DHH-01-71. Determination of chromium by catalytic adsorptive stripping voltammetry, using bismuth film electrode
11 Dr. TrươngQuýTùng B2010-DHH-01-74. A study on the preparation of super-adsorption materials from clay, acrylic acid and cassava starch
12 Dr. TrầnThúcBình DHH2011-01-01. Study on the method of simultaneous determination of components in pharmaceutical product - which have their absorbance spectra overlap – by spectrophotometric – chemometric method
13 MA. LêThị Hòa DHH2011-01-09. Synthesis mesoporous materials MCM-41 containing tin oxide and catalytic activity in nopol synthesis
14 MA. Thuỷ ChâuTờ DHH 2011-01-16.Study on the determination of persistent organochlorine residues in human milk by gas chromatography
15 Dr. TrầnXuânMậu Study on degradation of chitosan to obtain oligochitosan used as seed germination promoter and growth enhancer for some agricultural plants
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