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Hue University of Sciences - Introduction
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Hue University


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Hue University of Sciences (formerly known as the University of Hue) was founded in accordance with the Decree No. 426/TTg dated 27 October 1976 by the Prime Minister on the basic of merging College of Sciences and College of Letters belonging to the Institute of Hue University (the Institute of Hue University was established in 1957). In 1994, pursuant to the Decree No. 30/CP by the Government on founding Hue University, the University of Hue became an affiliated member of Hue University and renamed Hue University of Sciences.


The Mission Statement:

HUSC is a multidisciplinary education and training institution including graduate and undergraduate education programs, and research activities. Its obligation is to provide qualified human resources, scientific research products in the fields of natural science, social science and humanity for facilitating the development of the Central Vietnam and Highlands in particular and Vietnam in general.


At the moment time, Hue University of Sciences (HUSC) has 13 faculties, 06 administrative offices, 05 research centers and the center for information - library. The number of the staff is 434 members, among them there are 342 lecturers, 26 Associate Professors, 53 Doctors, 192 Master holders, 181 senior lecturers, 08 senior officers and librarians.

HUSC has offered graduate courses (including 11 courses for Doctoral Degree, 31 courses for Master’s Degree) and undergraduate courses (19 courses for Bachelor’s Degree and 3 courses for Engineering Degree). In addition, HUSC also provides post-high school training courses in Informatics and gifted high-school in Mathematics, Literature, Chemistry and Biology. The number of students has been 10.000; approximately 1500 regular students, 1500 part-time students and 500 post high-school students are enrolled annually. The scope is increasing 10-12%.

HUSC has the area of 3.7 ha with 09 buildings. There are 92 standard classrooms, 12 classrooms are equipped with the audio and visual system, 47 basic laboratories, specialized laboratories, material rooms and museums, 08 computer rooms (approximately 400 computers) and 01 central library. The laboratories are built modernly and the library encompasses variety of materials meeting the needs of teaching and researching of lecturers and students.

HUSC always combines training with scientific research. Up to now, 1.535 research projects have been conducted, of which there are 22 international cooperation projects, 4 state-level projects, 159 fundamental projects, 312 ministerial level projects, 108 provincial level projects, 614 basic level projects and 314 student-level projects.

HUSC has been establishing long-term cooperative ties with dozen of universities and institutes in the world such as France, Japan, Australia, America, Thailand, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark and Italy.

The development strategies of Hue University of Sciences to 2015 and the commissioning program to 2020 are as follows

From 2009 to 2010, HUSC shall have 530 staff, of which 70-80% of staff gaining the knowledge of further education.

From 2011 to 2015, HUSC shall have 650 staff, of which 80-90% of staff gaining the knowledge of further education.

From 2011 to 2015, HUSC shall have 650 staff, of which 80-90% of staff gaining the knowledge of further education (30% of PhD holders, MSc holders, 40% of main lecturers, 7% of Associate Professors and Professors and 2% of distinguished lecturers).

From 2016 to 2020, HUSC shall have 750 staff, of which 90-95% of lecturers gaining the knowledge of further education (60% of lecturers gaining the Master’s degree and 35% of lecturers gaining the Doctoral degree)


  • The fundamental research fields which are typical of an institution of basic science in the Central Vietnam (natural science, social science and humanity, educational science).
  • Practically meeting all the requirements of socio-economic development of the Central and Highlands in Vietnam.
  • Improving the strengths of present staff and facilities to become one of the centers for research and education in the Central region.
  • Establishing the projects in multidiscilinary and multi-level, the projects of application and science transfer contribute to the planning of sustainable development and proper exploration of the natural resources.

Improving the tradition of more than 50 years of building and developing, HUSC will non-stop improve the quality, expand the scope of education and scientific research. It is significant to offer new training specialties in accordance with the technology and application; to increase the training scope matching the strength of the staff, the material facilities with the aim of meeting the society’s needs; to electronize the courses, to publish the textbooks, to equip the classrooms, the practical rooms, modern and high-qualified laboratories; to apply the credit system for all specialties. To enhance the collobration with the partners so as to sign the agreements on conducting the main projects, the projects of technology transfer, high application and cooperate with the partners on exchanging the lectures.


- In 1979, 2004 and 2006: The Certificate of Merit by the Prime Minister
- In 1983: The Third Class Labour Order by the Chairman of State Council.
- In 1991: The Second Class Labour Order by the Chairman of State Council.
- In 1996: The First Class Labour Order by the Chairman of State Council.
- In 2001: The Third Class Independence Order by the Chairman of State Council.
- In 2011: The Second Class Independence Order by the Chairman of State Council.
HUSC has been acknowledged “The High Distinguished University” for many constant years.

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