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Faculty of Information Technology
Dean: Hoang Quang, Ph.D

Vice-Dean: Truong Cong Tuan, A/Prof.
                Le Van Tuong Lan, MA

Tel: (054) 3826767
Location: 2nd floor, Building G,
77 Nguyen Hue Street, Hue City

Date of establishment: 01 June 1995

Assistants in charge of

Undergraduate Academic affairs: Tran Thanh Luong, MA
                                            Nguyen Van Trung, MA
Scientific Research: Nguyen Quang Hung, MA
Personnel Affairs: Nguyen Thi Bich Loc, MA
Graduate Academic Affairs: Vo Thanh Tu, Ph.D

The affiliated Departments:

  • Information Systems – Head of Department: Dr. Hoang Quang
  • Computer Science – Head of Department: Dr. Hoang Thi Lan Giao
  • Network and Communication – Head of Department: Dr. Vo Thanh Tu
  • Software Technology – Head of Department: Dr. Nguyen Mau Han

I. History of establishment

In the early years of 1990s, when Information Technology and its applications started penetrating and strongly developing in Vietnam, the lack of staff in information technology was taken into consideration. According to the policy on setting up Faculties of Information Technology nationwide to train human resources in Information Technology by the Ministry of Education and Training, on November 1994 Assoc.Prof. Dr. Vo Duy Dan - Vice-Rector of the University of Hue built the project on developing Information Technology at Hue University with the purpose of founding the Faculty of Information Technology. The project was approved by the leading board of Information Technology of the Ministry of Education and Training. On 13 December 1994, the Ministry of Education and Training decided to set up the Faculty of Information Technology, one of six main Information Technology Faculties in the nation. The President of Hue University at that time was Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Huu The assigned the Rector of Hue University of Sciences to build the functions, mandates, staff, location as well as training for the Faculty of Information Technology.

On 1 June 1995, the Rector of Hue University of Sciences decided to nominate 6 lecturers from the Faculty of Mathematics to work at the Faculty of Information Technology and Dr. Le Manh Thanh was nominated as the Dean of the Faculty. Since then, the Faculty has been building up the staff, fulfilling the mandates of training and scientific research. The staff of the Faculty has decided to select the 1st June to celebrate the anniversary annually.

The Ministry of Education and Training, Hue University, Hue University of Sciences assigned the Faculty of Information Technology to offer the programs such as undergraduate, graduate, post high school, and technician trainings as well as developing the application in Information Technology for the sake of teaching and scientific research.

II. Personnel Development

With the mandate of offering Bachelor’s Degree course in Information Technology, developing the application of informatics and giving the courses on basic informatics for the whole affiliated college members of Hue University, the priority objective of development strategy is building and upgrading professional capacity of staff members in terms of both quantity and quality to meet such above demands. The Faculty has gradually completed the responsibilities for developing the personnel by selecting excellent students graduating from the Faculty to train and cultivate their skills as lecturers.

In 1996, the Faculty in association with Hanoi Polytechnic University offered the first graduate joint-training program in Information Technology with 7 staff members of the Faculty graduating from this course, three of whom continued pursuing their doctoral degree program in Hanoi. Another source of developing the human resources of the Faculty is to send lecturers to study their Doctoral Degree program abroad, to join the courses held by the Francophone Institute of Computer Science and to take part in short-term courses organized by national and international organizations.

In addition, Information Technology has built close relations with Information Technology Faculties nationwide and Hanoi Institute of Information Technology to exchange professional skills and to give the staff an opportunity to study and cultivate their knowledge.

Currently the Faculty has 4 Departments:

  1. Computer Science: researching and teaching applied informatics, and developing applied software.
  2. Information Systems: researching and teaching the theory ensuring the mathematics for computers and database.
  3. Software Technology: researching and teaching the productive technology, software trial, advanced technology in software.
  4. Network and Communication: researching and teaching the hardware of the computer, developing the services in the network and internet.

At present, the Faculty has 28 lecturers with 08 Ph.D holders, 03 lecturers pursuing their doctoral degree in the country, 02 lecturers doing doctoral degree in Europe and Japan, 13 MA holders and 01 lecturers studying their Master’s Degree program.

III. Training activities (for 12 years)

The number of students graduating from the Faculty

  1. Master’s Degree program in computer science: 330 students
  2. Bachelor’s Degree regular program in Information Technology: 2400 students
  3. Bachelor’s Degree short-term program in Information Technology: 640 students
  4. Bachelor’s Degree part-time program in Information Technology: 1500 students

The number of students studying at the Faculty

  1. Master’s Degree full time program in Information Technology: 110 students
  2. Bachelor’s Degree regular program in Information Technology: 700 students
  3. Bachelor’s Degree part-time program in Information Technology: 180 students

 The ministerial level projects

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