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Faculty of Chemistry
Dean: Hoang Thai Long, Ph.D

Vice-Dean: Nguyen Thi Ai Nhung, Ph.D

Tel: (054) 3823951

On 27 October 1976, the Prime Minister issued the Decree No. 426/CP to set up the University of Hue on the basis of combing the former College of Sciences and the College of Letters belonging to Institute of Hue University. There were 3 Faculties: Physics-Mathematics, Chemistry - Biology - Geography, Literature-History for the sake of training the human resources and scientific research serving socio-economic development in Central Vietnam and Western Highlands.

Since its establishment, the Faculty of Chemistry has developed continuously. Mostly the visiting lecturers from Hanoi universities and from other universities are invited to teach some subjects.

Until now, among 39 staff members, 33 teaching staff of the Faculty have been in charge of teaching all the specialist subjects. The staff develops both in quantity and quality, from the fact that there was only one Associate Doctor since its establishment, now there are 2 Associate Professors, 9 PhD holders, 20 MA holders, 9 senior lecturers (excluding 5 PhD holders and 3 MA holders transferred their work), 5 domestic PhD students, 1 oversea PhD student and 4 lecturers are pursuing their Master’s degree.

The Faculty of Chemistry offers BSc courses in Chemistry under the specialties of Inorganic Chemistry, Analysis Chemisty, Physico-Chemistry, Technical Chemisty. Since the academic year 1995 - 1996, the Faculty had the new specialties in Environmental Chemistry and Petrolchemistry. Beside training the BSc courses in Chemistry, the Faculty also provides chemistry subjects which are in the general education syllabus for students of other Faculties at the University of Sciences, the College of Agriculture and Forestry and the College of Medicine. From the academic year 2001 - 2002, the Faculty has started to provide courses for Master’s Degree in Organic Chemistry, Analysis Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Physico-Chemistry for Hue University.

Since 1976, the Faculty of Chemistry has trained 1440 undergraduate students, of which 1120 are regular and 320 are open and in service programs. Annually the average number of students (from first year to the fourth year) are from 200 to 250 students. The Faculty of Chemistry is one of the Faculties that has many prominent achievements in scientific research of the University of Hue in the past, presently Hue University of Sciences under Hue University. During the past 30 years, the Faculty has carried out more than 100 research projects related to environmental chemistry, inorganic material, natural compound, applied electricchemistry, petrolchemistry... at the national level, ministerial level, provincial level, university level... Up till now, the Faculty has more than 260 articles published on scientific journals internationally, nationally and regionally. Many projects have been applied in the real life for the socio-economic development of the province, region and export aim such as: bleaching the exported cane, refining chemicals, researching and evaluating eco-system and environment of the downstream at some major rivers in central area for the sustainable development, copper – niken –crom coated, distilling the essential oil, producing glucosamin with the pharmaceutical standard from shrimp cover, separating the mixed organic substances obtaining biological activity from valuable plant species in Central Vietnam, synthetising magnetic ceramics and inorganic materials from the local materials.

The Faculty of Chemistry always takes the development of international relations into consideration for the purpose of training staff and collaborating research. Many staff have been taken part in more effective international cooperation projects (The Vietnamese - French Lagoon Project, 1998-2003; The cooperative program of Vietnam - Japan University on Science and Environmental Technology, 1998 – 2008; The cooperation of Vietnam - Neitherland Projects on managing coastal areas, 2001 – 2003; The Project of the management of activities in Thua Thien Hue Lagoon (funded by FAO), 2006 – 2008 and the project of example recovery of the forestry lands affected by Agent Orange in Quang Tri province (funded by ADB), 2006, ...).

The relationship between the Faculty of Chemistry and other institutions, manufactories, research centers, related Faculties of national and international universities are increasingly expanded.

 The ministerial level projects

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