Working with the Department of Foreign Affairs, Kyoto

On 27 February 2020, Assoc. Prof. Tran Ngoc Tuyen, Vice Rector of University of Sciences, Hue University had a meeting and working with the delegation led by Mr. Iwamatsu from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Kyoto.

Attending the meeting, there were Dr. Nguyen Truong Tho, Head of Office for Science-Technology and International Relations; Msc. Thai Nhat Truong, Deputy Head of Office for Academic Affairs; Dr. Duong Van Hieu, Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Tung, Dean of the Architecture Faculty.

At the meeting, Assoc. Prof. Tran Ngoc Tuyen, Vice Rector welcomed the delegates of Department of Foreign Affairs, Kyoto and had a brief presentation of HUSC as well as its collaboration with various partners in the world, especially the cooperation with Institutes, Universities and Companies from Japan. The two sides, thereby, could discuss detailed issues and specific solutions, which help HUSC students have opportunity to study at Kyoto's educational institutes.

Assoc.Prof. Tran Ngoc Tuyen, Vice Rector of HUSC at the meeting

The Department of Foreign Affairs, Japan also introduced the different universities in Kyoto, including couples of which have supported diverse research programs in the field of law, economics, business management, international relationship, social research, ect. There have been more than 1000 long-standing enterprises and a lot of studies have been done on these enterprises and on the management of traditional industries as well. In addition, Kyoto has offered several internship programs and study opportunities in practice for Vietnamese students.

The delegates from Department of Foreign Affair, Kyoto 

User: Trần Thị Thạch Hà