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Ars Pool Owners / chemistry majors: Help me lower my cyanuric acid
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All the info I can find these days says "drain and refill the pool" to lower the cyanuric acid level. However, that course of action is unacceptable. My pool is 34,000 gallons (in-ground), and was originally a concrete pool but now has a vinyl liner. Draining any significant amount of water from the pool can have an effect on the liner.Plus my stabilizer (cyanuric acid) level is about 175 ppm... I'd have to drain a large part of that 34,000 gallons and refill just to lower the stabilizer level, then try to fix the rest of the water chemistry that is out of whack (right now the stabilizer problem is my only problem. The water is perfectly crystal clear.) So... anyone know of another solution? I've seen mention of "adding specific chemicals" on the web, but no one seems to know what those chemicals are. Too bad I'm not a chemistry major, Any advice? (other than stop using stabilized tablets, which I did.)

Please help

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