Prof. Kurt Kalcher from Karl – Franzens - University of Graz, Austria visited Hue University of Sciences (HUSC).
Posted by ptnhuy on 11-09-2016

In the framework of the Academic Exchange program between Institute of Chemistry – Analytical Chemistry, Karl – Franzens - University of Graz, Austria and HUSC; Prof. Kurt Kalcher – Professor of Electrochemistry paid a visit to HUSC.

Extended News

Prof. Kurt Kalcher spent much time on sharing, discussing and teaching the staff, lecturers, PhD students, master students of HUSC in the fields of Electroanalytical sensors and Voltammetry. Also, Prof. Kurt Kalcher shared, instructed and supported the academic skills such as report writing skill and report presentation skill; and introduced the new trend of research for young staff, students, PhD and master students in the faculties of Chemistry and Environment.

On this occasion, Prof. Kurt Kalcher worked with the leader of Faculty of Chemistry to discuss the cooperative programs related to research trend in term of Modern Electrochemistry.