Working visit of Prof. Tsuyoshi Imai from Yamaguchi University, Japan
Posted by ptnhuy on 30-01-2018

In the afternoon of January 29, Assoc. Prof. Vo Thanh Tung, Vice Rector of University of Sciences, Hue University (HUSC), hosted a reception with Prof. Tsuyoshi Imai from Yamaguchi University, Japan.


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Also presence was Dr. Nguyen Truong Tho, Head of Office for Science-Technology & International Relations; representatives of faculties: Chemistry, Geography – Geology and Environmental Science.


Prof. Imai introduced the overview of Yamaguchi University

At the meeting, Prof. Imai introduced the overview of Yamaguchi University and its scholarship programs. Since 2000, Yamaguchi University has cooperated with HUSC in terms of human resources training, research and supporting the students to visit and study in Japan. Discussing with Prof. Imai, Assoc. Prof. Vo Thanh Tung, Vice Rector of HUSC also pointed out the cooperative trend between two universities, especially the joint graduate training programs in Environmental Science.

Assoc. Prof. Vo Thanh Tung was speaking at the meeting

On this occasion, Prof. Imai had a seminar on Study on applying microbubbles in water treatment and introduced the scholarship programs, learning and research opportunities in Yamaguchi University to students, master students and lecturers from faculties of Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry and Geography – Geology.