Working with Inje University, Korea
Posted by thachha on 18-12-2017

On 7th December, Assoc.Prof. Hoang Van Hien, Rector of University of Sciences, Hue University (HUSC) had a meeting and working with representatives from Inje University, Korea.  

Extended News

Assoc. Prof. Hoang Van Hien warmly welcomed the delegates from Inje University to visit and work with HUSC. Assoc. Prof. Hoang Van Hien affirmed the effective cooperation and collaboration with a number of universities, research institutes and international organizations in Asia, Europe and America especially in Northeast Asia, such as Chonbuk University, Inhae, Konkuk, Hoseo ... Assoc. Prof. Hoang Van Hien hopes that HUSC and Inje University, Korea will have successful and fruitful cooperation in the future.

 At the meeting, the two Universities had discussion on the field of scholars exchange, students exchange and research and project implementation; seminars organizing, especially Korean language teaching for students and lecturers from Department of Oriental Studies as well as other teachers and students under HUSC. Inje University will support learning materials, equipment, facilities for teaching and learning process; HUSC will provide accommodation and office for teachers from Inje University.